Our mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia worldwide by raising awareness and seeing and treating them as equal human beings, who should not be locked up, but deserve to remain a full part of our society.

creating awareness

Awareness is literally a matter of life and death in many parts of the world when it comes to dementia. That is why the Article 25 Foundation is working with leading international organisations and individuals to build a network that can bring dementia to the attention of people in all countries of the world as quickly as possible.

Equal human beings

We do not believe that people lose their equality in society by forgetting things. We do not believe that people lose the right to a good life by forgetting things. We do believe in the equality and dignity of people with dementia. And that is why the person with dementia is at the centre of everything we do.

Helping People Who Need It

Change is a beautiful word, but unfortunately it often remains just that. The Article 25 Foundation want to change that, not just by connecting people and talking about change, but by going out and being the change itself.

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About ARTICLE 25

We are a non-profit organisation that cares about the future of people who are often forgotten, people with dementia.
By standing up for them today, we hope to shape the future of people with dementia in a positive way.

2. What We Do?

We connect, advise and support countries, organisations and individuals who want to work towards a better world for people with dementia.
We focus on raising awareness about dementia through education and, together with partners, build sustainable projects around the world.

3. Our Goals

Our goals are to raise the standard of living of people with dementia worldwide, to increase knowledge about the prevention of dementia, to ensure equal treatment and to make them full members of society.


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